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Custom-made foot orthotics to live your pain free Ottawa lifestyle!

Ottawa Foot Orthotics specializes in evaluations, casting, and manufacturing of foot orthotics for individuals in all walks of life.  Whether it is children playing, teen athletes, working professionals, stay at home moms, or those entering those long awaited golden years; we have orthotics that can help you walk better and reduce your pain.  At Ottawa Foot Orthotics, we will recommend the best option available to you including orthotics type, personal training/rehabilitation advice, and especially types of footwear and designs.

All of our custom-made foot orthotics are made from raw materials to suit each individual’s needs.  Through our assessment, biomechanical gait analysis, and superior workmanship, we design and manufacture orthotics to relieve conditions causing pain in the feet, lower and upper legs, knees, hips, and lower back.

Every Step, Every Stage, Everyone!TM